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I used to be satisfied with just creating my cakes and with a few friends and family members knowing about my “talents” if you would call it that… I think I have been blessed to have had inspiration from my grandmother Ana and many other people, videos, and online courses.

My passion developed over time, from following what they did and I now have certain skills that make me “competent” in what I do.

I have failed many times in my journey, and from these failures, I have learned the tips I now have, for creating my cake designs.

My confidence in myself grew also, when other people outside of my circle of close friends started noticing my cake artistry as well.

I thought, maybe, just keeping my passion for cake decorating local, would be just fine with me…but you see, the competition within the cake industry itself is very high within my local area, especially when measuring myself against other cake decorators…and, within the last few years, programs on TV like Ace of Cakes and other amazing cake decorating shows, has attracted lots of attention, not to mention also, the attraction of viewers to YouTube “how to” videos.

I go on social media and see all the budding local cake decorators and know that I have to think out of the box, for Art Thou Cakes to expand.

As my cake decorating developed and orders were coming in, I heard people who said, that they would love to create their own cake business, but have no idea how to start from home. I pondered on this for the last couple of years and knew that my passion was going to soon take a new direction.

You see, I am not one to hold information if it helps others, and it has always been my foremost passion – to help other people.
Often I would create cakes and charge people who couldn’t afford to pay, half of what my cakes are truly worth, because I wanted them to experience a wonderful milestone of their lives, and still have their cake.

Seriously, a cake will not outlast a memory. However, my desire to help others learn to be self-sufficient is a powerful motivator for me.

The cake decorating market has changed immeasurably and the world is finally waking up to the power of being part of an evolving client base.

The World Is Your Oyster

Art-Thou-Cakes-Site-Rubix- Product-Review-The-World-Is-Your-Oyster

I am sure that many of you would have heard of the well-known phrase “the world is your oyster”; well the world literally is “your oyster” because, the internet world has made that possible.

Convenience is the new fad.

I can order cake stuff online from any market platform, from anywhere in the world, using my mobile phone, tablet, laptop of Persoanl Computer screen, within seconds, and have my order delivered to me within a couple of days.

It wasn’t until I added this very website that I realized just how much of the world can be my “oyster” and ‘convenience’ my new friend.

I have been able to help many people and had also gotten myself international orders from people living overseas, who wanted cakes delivered to friends and family here in Auckland.


I know aye, to think back to how, I had limited myself to only the local competition, and now I have the world as my market, is absolutely astounding.

How did I do that?

This website of course, the very one, that you are reading this post on, right now.
Today, I will give you the very tool that I have used, to create this website and the platform I subscribed to, in order to make the amazing website that it is.

The purpose of this post, therefore, is to show you how easy it is to create your very own website to market your very own cake decorating business to the rest of the world.

In the ten years of searching, for a work from home online business, I viewed many websites and was intrigued to how they were created.

I read so many interesting blogs and people saying how they were staying at home and earning their dream income through their websites, just writing about their passions. I drooled and wished how I could be like them, but I had no way of knowing how to build a website and what programs to use.

I searched, and I searched. I found a few site builders, both for off-site and on-line, but after going through their e-books or PDF instructions, I was more confused than ever, and what I had initially intended to be a beautiful looking website, ended up being a mess and I would quit the program shortly after.

Another thing that put me off was the cost to continue the training, the extra costs to host, costs to buy images and the costs to maintain just one website.

I had no understanding of search engines or the importance of content writing.

Until I found SiteRubix through Wealthy Affiliate.

Therefore, this post is my product review for SiteRubix site builder.

Product Overview and Ratings

Product/Service: Website Builder
Name: SiteRubix
Website Address:

Powered and Hosted By:

Other programs that assist: Jaaxy Research Tool (also included in the Wealthy Affiliate training)

Who Can Use This: Anyone from beginners to experts

Cost: No cost to register as a free trial starter member- where you are given two free sites to build straight away

Time to build and make a site live: within a minute

Included Benefits: Free starter training is provided by Wealthy Affiliate, to provide the tools for SEO (search engine optimization) and ongoing 24/7/365 community support.

Support: Through Live 24/7 Chat and 24/7/365 round the clock expert community support from all over the world.

Members: over 1 million world wide

Art Thou Cakes Rate: 9.9/10

Step By Step Instructions For How To Use Site Rubix

Building a website with Siterubix is so easy, because Wealthy Affiliate takes away all the hard work by taking care of the technological side so that you can focus on creating fantastic websites in less than 30 seconds, with just a few mouse clicks.

After finding your niche (in my case it was cake artistry) – or business focus and thought of a name you that you would like to call your website by, you are now ready to create – which is the most fun part.

First thing to do is register

Just click on the website link and register for a free account and you are ready to begin building straight away within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

1. Click on Websites inside your profile menu:

2. A box will open with another list, and you click on Site Builder:

3. Choose Free domain (as a free member you can create two free websites):

4. Choose a theme (Premium members get to choose from over 4,000 free themes as part of their monthly subscription):

5. Once you have made up your mind (it could be too fun and take you all day – the good news is, you can change your theme template as many times as you want, if you change your mind later), then click the green button and wait a few seconds and voila! you have just created yourself a website ready for you to enter content and media.

6. Your website is now live!

Why I rated Siterubix with 9.9/10?


I love the SiteRubix Site Builder because I am able to build my two sites for free, before I decide to own it and transfer to a .com domain of my own, once I am ready to upgrade to Premium. However, I can be free as long as I want to be.

I found that using it was easy, and I didn’t need to do anything else than follow the simple instructions above and it literally was built in less than 30 seconds.

There was no need to fluff around trying to understand any technological techniques, as I had found with other website builders in my ten years of failed experiences such as Hostgator and Godaddy, both are okay, but you do not get full control over the end result because they only offer the site builder but not the training to use them as you have with the added benefits of being hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.

The additional benefits of having Wealthy Affiliate host my Sitrubix sites, are amazing and as well, as not preloading any of their advertisements or banners, just look below to see what is included:

Wealthy Affiliate has such ace security in place, you can be assured that no-one can ever spam your site, and their help center is on to it straight away if you have any doubts.
You know what the best part is?

You get to ustilise the full power of WordPress once your site is live.


For many, I would say the main difficulty with them is the fact to use the site you would need to first sign up with Wealthy Affiliate – however, I do not personally find this to be a problem in my own experience because of all the added bonuses that Wealthy Affiliate adds.


In summary, I recommend to anyone who has a business or passion and wants to be viewed within the global market, to use Siterubix as their site builder.

  • You will receive excellent tools to further develop your site from Welathy Affiliate’s exclusive hosting platform and excellent training modules.
  • You also receive ongoing 24/7/365 support from community experts.
  • You receive two free websites to use with free starter training.
  • You get security and speed with live Support.
  • You have over 4K free uploadable theme templates to choose from.
  • WordPress Power incorporated with your site

I chose Siterubix and joined Wealthy Affiliate to help me market my passion in Cake Artistry. I don’t think I will ever regret that decision.

How about you? Would You like to build a website too?

Feel free to leave me a comment below or ask for help.

Chat soon,

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12 thoughts on “How To Market Your Cake Passion With A Free Website [Siterubix Review]

  1. Hey Ilaisaane! Thank you for sharing this article!

    I have definitely used SiteRubix through Wealthy Affiliate and it is worth it! I have actually used other business sites that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to run and SiteRubix through Wealthy Affiliate has been THE most beneficial.

    I totally agree with you. It is in fact VERY cost-effective (2 free websites with your free-trial) and the actual premium cost is just a tiny fraction of what everyone else charges online. PLUS you get all the web security you need, great tech support, and a very helpful community to back you up!

    This is worth your time and money. For those reading this article, I would definitely give this a shot if you’re thinking about building your site!


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