Art thou cake - creating cake artistry with my own images

The product I am reviewing, is an item that many people believe, is only accessible to the large manufacturing or baking companies.

It is the edible printer.

It still amazes me today, how many people have not yet heard of, let alone used, this product in their cake creations.

Art Thou Cakes Creating Cake Artistry using Edible Printer Guilty Pleasure

For me, it is my ‘dirty little secret’ or my ‘guilty little pleasure’, because within the cake artistry world,  it is almost like purposefully cheating.

Of course, I love to create, using any type of cake artistry media, and I like to make  my creations from scratch, but there are, rare moments in my life, when I am just too lazy to decorate.

I am human, after all.

This is, when I utilise a product or service, to make cake artistry a little easier and much faster, without diminishing the quality of outcome.

I would like to show you in this product review, how, having an edible printer gives me the capacity to create spectacular cake artistry, with my own images.


It is not my intention to prove how good this product really is, but to give you enough information to decide for yourself, whether it is useful for you, or not.

Reasons For Using a Quality Edible Printer to Enhance My Cake Artistry

If you do not have an edible printer and think that, it is too expensive or you will not have that much use for it,  then I will give you my reasons, for why having a good quality edible printer, is going to be worth it, in the long run:

  • It Saves time
    – Images can be created on the computer,  printed immediately, and pasted straight on to the covered cake.
    – No need to order online and wait for one sheet of printing to arrive 4 to 7 days (sometimes arriving after it is needed).
    – It is there, it is available.
  • It Saves money
    – No need to buy any extra decorating stuff.
    – Saves me from having to pay shipping costs for just one sheet of A4 (costs $20 per sheet + freight $15 = $35 in total!! for just one lousy edible sheet!). See where I am going with this?
  • You are in control 
    – Sometimes, what I ordered from a shop, does not look anything like I wanted it to be, and then I have to re-order or change my design (this always sucks big time, when I am running out of time).
  • It Looks Professional
    – Images are sharp and clear – I usually print my letters/text or numbers for a perfectly inscribed look.
    – If you have an order from a business/organisation – you can add the logo to a cake.
  • Any image can be printed
    – I can print my own website/business logos/personal signatures on cupcakes or cakes (to be given to my customers, as a small token of appreciation).
    – I can print small quotes or messages for the top of my cakes.
    – I can add my children’s pictures on top of  their birthday cakes.
    – I can add children’s favourite cartoon characters (just note that you may need to consider any copyright, when doing so).
    – The images can be printed in either colour or monotones.
    – I can create prints and patterns, that is normally traced by hand.
    – For those who are not so artistic, you can: print tiny details for toppers,
    such as face details for a figurine/model; buttons on a fondant model’s shirt; detailed butterfly or bumble bee wings; toy details, that can be pasted on; details on leaves, petals or, musical notes;  and basically anything that you can imagine.
    -Printable fondant sheets and rice wafer paper can be used.
    – Colours are easier to access and are better matched to what you want.
Art Thou Cakes Creating Cake Artistry using Edible Printer for Text and Logos
My sister’s graduation cake – using edible printed details for her Thesis cake
  • Ease of use
    Edible paper goes in one end and prints come out the other end, just like a normal document printer.
  • Easy to maintain and clean
    – It doesn’t take up much room to store.
    – It can be cleaned easily with self cleaning products (usually included with a printer bundle/set).
    – Additional products can be conveniently re-ordered online, such as fondant sheets, wafer paper and edible ink.
  • Quality Products
    – You can ensure that all products used are of high quality (more than often the fondant sheets used in a purchased print is not what I anticipated, and fondant is either too thin or too thick).
  • Life is sweet!
    – An edible printer makes my life, that much easier, and  I can use my saved time to ‘chillax’, enjoy coffee and eat cake.

Okay, now you know what the benefits are, in owning your own edible printer.

Would You Like To Know Which Printer I Prefer?

I use a top of the range IcingInks professional edible printer, in creating cake artistry with my own images. It is the current bestseller of its kind,in the market right now.

Kitchen & Dining reviews, has listed the IcingInks professional edible printer package, as one of its top 10 Edible Ink Printers, in 2018.


Including the IcingInks Professional Edible Printer as part of your cake decorating products, will be an added bonus for you. Especially, if you are wanting to run a small baking business from home.

It will add a touch of professionalism to your cake artistry or whatever cake design you create. You can also use it to get some money back by selling your printed toppers to others who do not have their own edible printer.

Product Specifications for the IcingInks Professional Edible Printer Package

Product Name: IcingInks Professional Edible Printer
Actual Worth:  More than $430 USD
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Shipping: International and local

Shipping Weight: 28 pounds
Size of the printable fondant paper:  Prints up to 8.5″ x 11.7″,  (22cm x 28cm)
Guarantee: Lifetime free technical support within USA and 12 months company warantee.
My Ratings: 9.5/10

Items Included: Frosting Sheets, Icing Sheets, Sugar Sheets, Wafer Sheets, Rice Paper, and Chocolate Transfer Sheets Edible Ink Cartridges Canon CLI-271XL/PGI-270XL , worth more than 190 USD

– Set of 5 Edible Cartridges XL Size model name CLI-271XL, PGI-270XL,  worth worth more than 65 USD

– Set of 5 Edible Cleaning Cartridges XL Size model name CLI-271XL, PGI-270XL, worth worth more than 65 USD

–  Refill Edible Ink 4 Bottles (120ml each bottle of 4 colours), worth worth more than 67 USD

– Injector Refilling tools, worth more than 5 USD

– Pack of 12 Premium Frosting Sheets (Icing Sheets are FDA, Kosher All of the products are made in the USA using high-grade food colouring material), worth more than 25 USD

– Edible Printing Instruction Manuals & Free Life Time Image Editing Designing From IcingInk

– Edible cleaning cartridges, worth more than 68 USD

** Note that the prices quoted are all in USD and may be can changed by Amazon at any time.

Art Thou Cakes Creating Cake Artistry with edible printer butterflies

Other Price Comparisons

Fishpond sells this same item for almost twice the price it is sold for,  in Amazon.

Amazon Customer Star Ratings

4 and a half out of 5 customer review stars

Awesome Features

  • You can send and print images straight from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • The lights blink when cartridge has been place correctly.
  • The quality of image is excellent.
  • Customer service and care is outstanding.

Things to Note When Applying Edible Prints to Cakes

  • If the weather is hot, place printed fondants in the freezer for a few minutes, before using it, so that the image is not stretched out of proportion.
  • If the weather is too cold, then warm the printed fondant sheet between your hands with waxed or baking paper, between your hands and the fondant sheet. This ensures print to be pliable enough to stick on to the cake without cracking.
  • Make sure that the cake is at room temperature and quite dry to the touch, before pasting the printed fondant sheet on to, the top.
  • Removing the edible paper may get a little sticky, but if you use a sharp knife to scale it off the backing paper (as if filleting a fish) then the fondant will be easier to remove.
  • Rather than wet the fondant sheet with water, I suggest using a little buttercream so that it is not wet and the colors won’t run.
  • Once they are topped with edible printing, do not store your cakes, in the fridge, this will make the fondant sweat with condensation. It is best to keep them in a dry shaded place, inside a paper box.
  • Cut printed shapes out while they are stuck to the backing paper before removing and sticking onto cakes.
  • Feed the edible paper/fondant straight to get the best alignment and to avoid the paper being scrunched in the process (another waste of product!)

Cleaning and Maintenance

Not all items or products last forever, and cleaning your edible printer after each use, with the proper cleaning products and services supplied by IcingInks, will ensure longevity and quality results.

My Personal Review

Now that I have told you all the benefits, of having an IcingInks Professional Printer, I would now like to share with you why I gave it a rating of
9.5 out of 10.


There are pros and cons to this product and it is only fair that you should know, so before you go and open your purse, hear me out, so that you can make an intelligent and informed decision, rather than an impulsive one, based on my positive review.

Pros and Cons

You may notice, from the table below, that the cons are low, compared to the pros, but it is still important that you factor these in, when considering any product, and before making any purchase.Art Thou Cakes Creating Cake Artistry using Edible Printers Pros and Cons

Sometimes the ink cartridges will get stuck when being removed. This is understandable – with all the sugar being utilised. However, this happens only randomly and on rare occassions. It is a matter of being patient. Remove, clean then replace it again.

Another issue is, that once an image is printed you cannot correct it and this can be a waste of products, as well as being costly.

Despite these small issues with the product, IcingInks products and services are of high quality and is one of the top brands in anything to to do with edible printing, whether it is for printers, inks, edible paper, edible cleaning products and even edible printing software.

The added guarantee of a life time customer service from IcingInks, is a given hallmark to their brand, and not to mention the extra items they include. This is the reason why,  I trust and prefer their edible printer package above any other.


Hopefully my product review has supplied you, with enough information to help you, make a better judgement, on whether, the IcingInks Professional Edible Printer Package, is right for you or not.

However,  I do have to say this, that with all the good reasons, that I have written so far, surely, you have to admit, it is a darn good product to own, for your Cake Artistry.


Also, imagine this: your decorated cakes will be the new rave among your family and friends…but, only if you don’t share your “dirty little secret” of course! ? Shhhh… (wink).

Feel free, to leave a comment about your own experience with this product, and whether it was beneficial to you, or not.

If you have any questions or other concerns about my product review then, I am more than happy for you, to email me personally, and I will endeavor to respond to you, as soon, as I can.

See you again, in my next post.

Cake Artistry Featured Image

16 thoughts on “IcingInks Professional Edible Printer Review – Use Your Own Images

  1. Exceptional review of the IcingInks Professional Edible Printer! The price is not as high as I thought it would be. I’m with you, I don’t understand why more bakeries don’t have this in their baking shops. Now after seeing all your amazing images of cakes do you know whether there is a printer that will print a whole cake based off of your cake images? Kidding aside, you have given me something to consider getting to start my own cake shop.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I actually enjoyed giving that product review for the IcingInks Professional Edible Printer, its because I am such a big advocate for using them in Cake Artistry. Funnily enough, Bakeries do have them but do not like to advertise or they will lose customers, they like to keep it a mystery to those who have no idea. Haha, yes you are very funny about printing an image of a whole cake…actually never thought of that. I am honored to have given you something to start your own cake shop with. Please come back and let me know how you progress. Cheers.

  2. Hi Ilaisaane,

    Thanks for a great review! I have to admit that I had no idea that there was such a thing as the edible printer. I always wondered how they got the images on the cakes. Although I am not a skilled baker, I would love to learn more and I think this edible printer looks awesome. I am going to recommend it to a few friends that love to bake cakes. What a cool item!

    1. Thank you Dan, for your comment. I remember the first time I found about these, I was so excited that I just had to get one – and so far have never regretted it. Please do tell your friends and share the good news 🙂

  3. This is a incredible product to use if you are a pastry chef or anyone interested in baking. I have a Aunt who loves making cakes and different types of pastries .She would be fascinated by a equipment like this .She may of already heard of this machine because she went to culinary school I do not know but it is something mentioning .Also this IcingInks printer would make a great gift.Thanks for sharing your this article .good luck in your endevours .Have a great day

    1. Hi Erik,
      thanks for visiting my post. I am glad that you find this the IcingInk Edible Printer Package, incredible. I believe, your Aunt would love to have one. Please visit again and may you have an awesome day as well.

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