Have you heard of Paul Bradford? No? Well let me tell you that if there is ever a guru in Cake Artistry – he is the one to follow for inspiration.

The first time I ever saw his work was through the CakeFlix website. I had subscribed to the website’s email list and when I saw the videos they had sent me, I was amazed with Paul’s cakes.

Paul Bradford’s cake tutorials are excellent. His skills go beyond what we deem to be,  just cake and moves into the realm of art. I view his art form as ‘outside of the box’ and unique.


The other person of note is David Brice, co-founder and pro tutor of CakeFlix. His specialty is in business and you will find that his tutorial on how to price your cakes valuable information.


Both these men have exceptional skills in cake decorating and experience in how to run a successful cake business. Their passion for cakes turned into teaching and CakeFlix is the result.

CakeFlix courses provide students, with professional learning and the required skills to be more efficient in their own cake businesses.

Today I will present you with a product review on CakeFlix.


Online Course vs Degree

Although, I have taught myself since I was about 11 years old (the first time, I was allowed to use our oven), I still found that I desired a certain ‘polish’ (an aside: this could also possibly be, because I am quite dyslexic and perfectionism is one of my weaknesses – which may have nothing to do with cake decorating in itself).

I never wanted to attend an actual technical course: that I had travel to; spend hours away from home or my kids; and not to mention, would cost me an arm or a leg to attend. In New Zealand, the course fees for special baking degree range from $2000 – $5000 NZD per semester, and can take more than a year to complete. I couldn’t afford this, let alone, pay to have my kids cared for, while doing a degree.


CakeFlix- Paul Bradford Cake Topper Course

On top of all this, I didn’t want to learn everything else that did not involve cake decorating, for example the chemistry of foods etc. I wanted a block course that gave me the skills I needed, to start earning. Hence, I chose an online course that taught me the specifics, with every information that I needed to establish my own home baking business.

It took me less than a few months to complete and the lessons were easy and practical. Also, I didn’t need to give my arm or leg to pay for expensive course fees.

Therefore, if you are seriously looking at building a baking/cake artistry portfolio for your home business, I encourage you to do an online baking course that will teach you everything that you would need to know about cake artistry, and learn as you create, how to set up and run a home baking business straight away.

Product Information

Name: CakeFlix was founded in 2011. It was formerly known as the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School.

Director/Co-Founder/Pro Tutors: David Brice and Paul Bradford

Main Website:

Courses provided:

  • Beginners Cake Decorating Lessons/Tutorials
  • Cake Decorating Classes
  • Cake Business Courses

Tutors: A range of professional and experienced authorities who specialize in cake decorating. Tutors are from all over the world and many are renowned cake artists, familiar on TV or social media.

Course Fee: Each Course Block has a different price and you can choose to, either subscribe to the website, as a premium member and receive all courses as part of the membership, or buy individual courses, for less than 15 pounds each (the equivalent of US $19 – that you can keep forever).


Other Products:

  • Cake Courses (comprise of 10 video tutorials)
  • 9 chapter lessons on required business skills/knowledge
  • Live TV

Subscriptions include:

  • CakeFlix Email – with updated news and new cake courses
  • Access to Courses/TV/Videos
  • Free Cake Tutorials (baking techniques, product uses,
  • Support
  • Cake of the month competition

My Personal Rating: 9.5/10

Special Features

  • You can join for free and receive their emailed updates
  • Tutors are experienced and are authorities in their own specialized decorating skills.
  • Extra Resources are provided
  • Fun page – features different cake designs and special news blogs
  • Easily followed in social media
  • Easy website navigation
  • All videos of high quality

Customer Satisfaction/Reviews

The positive reviews of this online cake decorating school is vast and to give you an idea, their social media followers speak for itself:

FaceBook Page = 4.5/5 Review Rating based on the opinion of 459 people

Pinterest = over 6K Following and 106.8/Monthly unique viewers


The fact that the school is based in the Europe, might put off people from the rest of the world from subscribing. However, this should not be an issue considering the fact that their courses are all online.


  • Courses are concise and accessible online, which can be studied anywhere
  • Videos and lessons are excellent with colorful, clear imagery
  • The information on newsletters and blogs are really helpful and interesting
  • Great support for queries
  • Exceptional Tutors who are experienced and authorities in cake art
  • The total course cost for starting a cake business is very affordable
  • Subscriptions are very cheap, considering the ongoing video tutorials and information
  • They also have a page set to help fund children in need, which is a a great way to give back to the community


My Personal Rating

I have rated 9.5/10 for CakeFlix, because of their affordable training and course materials. They are generous in how they share information and always have interesting news articles, that inspire cake decorators to perfection, in their art.

They have a trusted presence in the internet world and especially within their market.

I especially love how they give back to the community through their children in need funding page.



As I have already stated, if you are seriously considering running your own cake decorating business, CakeFlix, will give you the basics on what is required and will help you to perfect your cake artistry skills, using the most effective tutorials and tutors.
If you already have a business – subscribing to their web page will advance your own authority, within your social networks.

If you would like help, with anything in this post, please leave a comment, which I will be happy to respond to.

May you have an awesome day,

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